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The Adoption Process

We believe there are five important steps for prospective birthparents in the adoption process. We will explain these steps in detail and provide answers to the many questions you may have. A Precious Gift ARC will be available to guide and support you through every step.

  1. Adoption Education – to learn all your options and make a fully-informed decision about the future of your baby 
  2. Birthparent Intake – to collect all medical and familial information to better serve you and your baby 
  3. Choosing an Adopting Family – to participate in securing your baby’s future
  4. Birth and Placement – to provide you with guidance and support during a most critical time 
  5. Post-Placement – to provide support and encouragement during healing and recovery

Our Promise

A Precious Gift ARC promises to walk beside you on your adoption journey and provide you with encouragement, support, education, resources, and services to assist you in making educated decisions about your and your baby’s future. We vow to stay true to our beliefs and help you accomplish your goals without pressure and with faith, truth, and sensitivity to your unique circumstances. We know full well how emotionally delicate the adoption process can be. Although we cannot heal your grief, we can provide compassion and hope for a future filled with peace. We are committed to help you in making the right choices, renewing your spirit, and guiding you through your journey.

Our Expectations

We expect prospective birthparents to approach the adoption process with hope and to take an active role on your adoption journey. We will treat you with kindness and respect, and we expect to earn your trust and respect in return. We realize that although you are making an adoption plan for your baby, the final decision to entrust a family with your baby is not made until after you give birth. We encourage you to be honest with yourself and with us as you encounter all stages of the adoption process. If at any time throughout the process you decide you do not want to continue with your adoption plan, we will embrace and support that decision. 

 For answers to some frequently asked questions, click here!

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