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If you are looking to give up a child for adoption or adopt a child, you should consider getting an open adoption with A Precious Gift Adoption Resource Center. If you choose an open adoption, the birth parents and the adoptive parents can be involved in raising the child to whatever extent they are comfortable with. Learn more about open adoption by talking to our team in Allentown, PA.

Adoption Designed for You

As a birth parent, it can be incredibly difficult to cut off all ties with your child. Thanks to open adoptions, you can stay in contact with your child after the adoption. The contact could be anything from occasional meetings to regular letters and pictures. The manner and frequency of this contact are completely up to you and will be outlined in your adoption papers.

Good for Parents and Children

If you are preparing to adopt a child, you might wonder if regular contact with birth parents will be good for your child. Normally, an open adoption is in the best interest of the child. Adopted children benefit from knowing who their birth parents are and receiving love from them.

We offer open adoption services to help families be happier and healthier; call us at (570) 842-4655 to learn more.